TV / Radio Advertisement

TV/Radio advertising is by far the most popular means of advertising, in fact when you say advertisement, people usually relate to the television and radio. The kind of reach that this medium of promotion has is unimaginable and we don’t have to tell you what it means to your business if you tap the potential of that reach.

We at Aakruthi work with our clients in coming up with creative, catchy and appealing ad campaigns in the form of

  • TV Commercials/ Cable TV releases in AP and Telangana
  • Radio Jingles
  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Corporate Films

The job does not end with just a catchy jingle or an interesting advertisement. It is important to time your advertisement and present it through the proper channel to reach your target audience.

We advise our clients on the strategies in choosing the right medium, channel, duration and time slot for their commercial. Given our wide network with television, radio channels and the social media, our clients can be assured of the best slot for promoting their brands.