Onscreen advertisement

Onscreen advertisement

Films are big business in India and cinemagoers countless. Now imagine presenting your brand before a receptive audience such as this seven days a week. Through on screen advertising, you could reach out to a sea of prospective customers by advertising in cinemas.

Your advertisements are displayed at the beginning of a show or in between breaks when the audience is in a light mood to pay attention to your presentation, making it an effective, easy to produce and economical means to showcase your business. Make your brand a STAR on the big screen !

We at Aakruthi Media give you innovative communication solutions to capture the imagination of cinemagoers through:

Ad Films:

We are a major contributor of Cinema Advertising business in all major cinema chains in India like PVR, Inox, Cinemax, Big Cinemas, Fun & Cinepolis. Your Ad Films are screened in slots of 60/30 seconds or even on customized based on your requirement for an average of 5 shows per day enabling you to spotlight your brand and business on the big screen. Our creative team could also help you in designing and producing an Ad Film.

Slides (Mute & Audio)

Just like your print ads, Slides are a great way to present your product on-screen. You can go mute on your slides and let your creative ad do all the talking or you could enhance your slide’s presentation by adding a voice over. Slides go easy on your budgets and are an excellent support medium to print ads.

We assist you in presentation of your idea, getting a slot booked for your slide through our tie-ups with the cinemas. Usually, a mute slide is displayed for 8 to 10 seconds. An Audio slide (with a voice over) gets more screen time of 18 to 20 seconds.


A filmlet is a mini film that showcases a product on the same scale as a film but with an innovative concept that brings life into still images through animation, special effects and voice-overs. No big budget required here, all you need is some creative visuals and interesting presentation. Aakruthi does all this for you. Give us your ideas and we will present them before the world !