Media Planning

How does one decide which is the best strategy to promote their brand? What is the right combination of advertising channels? How do you reach a wide range of your target audience with minimum cost? All these decisions go into making a Media Plan.

Media planning is a very important aspect of marketing and business development, it is the blue print that forms the basis of all your brand promotion strategies. Media planning involves:

  • Research on latest trends in advertising
  • Identifying advertising objectives and targets
  • Identifying prospective customers/target audience
  • Deciding on which advertising medium to chose or combination of various media eg. TV/Radio or print or outdoor advertising or a mix of all.
  • Budgeting for advertising
  • Execution plans of the advertisement which includes planning on the geographical locations where the advertisement is to be focused, timing, frequency
  • Follow up, evaluation and assessment of results.

There is no single winning strategy for media planning. Different products, markets, media channels and audience require different ideas. All this calls for expertise in understanding the advertising world and the way it works and Aakruthi Media is your ideal partner in working out a plan that is just perfect for your brand.

Having the right Media plan is as important as having a world class product, this is an edict we believe in.