Digital Media Marketing

Digital marketing is taking over the advertising world, the traditional methods of marketing are soon becoming passé. Given the boundary less reach the of internet which spreads across the globe, where everything is accessible through the click of a keyboard or touch of screen, digitial media marketing is the in thing.

Aakruthi provides marketing services to clients via the digital medium. These are our areas of expertise:

Social media

This is the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media channels. With a user base that runs into millions and growing, social media is now the primary target of advertisers. In addition, Social Media marketing is way economical than the conventional advertising methods. We promote your brand on all popular social websites. Our creative content for advertising on social media is designed to bring in more visitors and views to your website.

We also provide Social Media Optimization services, where your brand and business is promoted through blogs, relevant forums and groups widely used by target customers spread across the world.

Sign up for social media marketing with us and your brand’s popularity could be the next thing go viral !

SEO and Analysis

Make your brand a success on the web world through our Search Engine Optimization ideas and tools. Through SEO, your brand and website gets maximum visibility and ranking on search engines like Google. Your page ranking has a direct effect on the traffic to your website, more traffic could translate into more business.

Our SEO team regularly keeps track of the hits, views and traffic to your website, analyses the data and comes up with strategies from time to time to increase the web presence of your website.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a key ingredient of the digital marketing. The time has come when mobile technology will emerge as the predominant e-commerce tool and mobile marketing the most sought after marketing channel.

We assist you in devising and executing marketing plans through the mobile technology which includes SMS campaigns, emails, marketing calls and the like. Through these solutions you can make your brand known in newer customer markets, network with your existing customers/clients and take advantage of the huge business opportunities worldwide that are waiting to be harnessed in the mobile world.