Creative Services


Corporate identity has become the catchword in today’s business world and the internet the pivot around which the entire world seems to be revolving. It has become imperative for every business organization, irrespective of its size or nature of business to have its presence on the internet highlighting its USP. Your company’s website, logo, slogans, visiting cards, brochures – all these make your corporate identity. This area of work calls for high level of creativity where your brand speaks volumes on behalf of your company. Aakruthi Media offers a wide variety of services for corporate identity creation:

Website design and development

We, at Aakruthi, design and develop websites that are perfectly made for your business. We take great care in understanding your business, getting the design right, program your website to specifically suit your requirements and fill it with concise content that communicates most effectively with your business visitors.

Your website is like the human face. As the human face is the index of the mind, so is your website, it is the index of your business. Your website is your virtual office space where visitors walk in to understand what it is to do business with you, it is the first interface that could actually convert a casual visitor into a prospective customer.

We believe website development does not end with an attractive looking website. We put in our creative focus on designing and developing websites that are informative, creative, comprehensive, professional and leave a lasting impression in the mind of the visitor who would probably spend a couple of seconds glancing through your website.

Logos and slogans

A logo is your business mark, your company’s symbol, its signature style. Your logo is also the first thing that catches the eyes of the world, makes people take note of your business. Giving more effectiveness to your logo is your company’s slogan, one-liners that highlight what makes your business stand apart from the rest.

We specialize in designing logos and slogans for corporates, our creative team works with you to know what is that key factor that defines your business. Our designs give a shape to that key factor and colours that showcase you to the business world all in one single image. In short, we help your brand leave a mark !

Visiting cards, brochures, flyers

Visiting cards, brochures, flyers, streamers – these are your pocket sized marketing gadgets. Hand them out at business events, promote your brands or your services, speak eloquently about your company through your business literature.

Aakruthi offers services for designing brochures, flyers, pamphlets, visiting cards. Right from getting the requirements, advising on size, texture, colours, writing content and printing, we are the one stop shop !